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> Hi!
> I am just starting to use EGFP (from Clontech) and would like to ask if
> somebody out there has a good suggestion for mounting and (specially)
> sealing medium for coverslips .The Clontech "handbook" suggests molten
> agarose for sealing the coverslips....but I just hate it! (difficult to
> handle, samples dry whithin a few hours,...). A suggested alternative is
> "rubber cement", but I have not been able to find a supplier in Sweden.
> Does anybody where to purchase it in Europe?
> I imagine that there has been a  some discussion about these matters in
> the past, but I just started now to use Nuntius. If some of you has a
> copy of previous threads about GFP and microscopy, please send them to
> me.
> Thanks

You don't have rubber cement in Sweden?  It's in every school supply section
in every store here (USA).  If you don't like molten agarose, I wouldn't
recommend rubber cement.  Despite what people have said about nail polish, it
worked well for us in the past.

To follow any threads (and there are many in the fluorescent proteins
newsgroup), go to www.bio.net, and search their archives.

rdudley at aherf.edu

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