UV Power supplies & electronics?

Paul Muhlrad pmuhlrad at u.arizona.edu
Fri Jul 10 11:41:35 EST 1998

I have some questions concerning the prudent use of UV (e.g.
mercury/xenon lamp) power supplies.  We are setting up a new microscope
that is equipped with an Opti-Quip Model 1600 Power Supply powering a
200 watt mercury/xenon lamp.  I'm concerned about warnings I've read
about turning off all other electrical equipment before firing up the
lamp (because of a strong electromagnetic pulse induced when the lamp
ignites).  We plan to follow this advice and turn off all the
electronics in the immediate vicinity of the power supply , but how far
(literally) do we have to go in shutting down electronics in the room.
For instance, must we turn off a computer monitor that is  ~8 feet or a
computer that is ~12 feet away from the Opti-Quip--what is a safe
distance?  Does it matter whether or not the electronics are on the same
power circuit as the power supply?  Does the EMP originate from the
power supply or the lamp?  What other precautions should we be taking?
(or am I being paranoid?).  Thanks in advance for whatever advice anyone
can provide.

Paul Muhlrad
University of Arizona, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
415 Life Sciences South, Tucson, AZ  85721

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