UV Power supplies & electronics?

Gerald W. Gordon gordon at med.unc.edu
Mon Jul 13 09:16:47 EST 1998

Our standard solution to this problem is to put the arc lamp
power supplies on a separate circuit and use a surge/EMI suppressor
on the line to the arc lamp power supplies. This prevents almost
all the spike related problems so I presume that most of the
noise is transmitted through the power line. However there is a
stepper motor controller which sometimes gets confused when a
lamp is ignited so it seem possible that the noise can be
transmitted through the air. This is further supported by
an incident many years ago when an early battery powered
digital multimeter was fried when a Hg lamp was ignited
nearby. I would expect that Xe lamp ignition makes a bigger
noise pulse because Xe is harder to ionize (but a helper gas
may be present in small quantities to get the arc started).

gordon at med.unc.edu

Paul Muhlrad wrote:
> (sorry if this appears twice; thought I sent it, but I don't see it on the newsgroups)
> I have some questions concerning the prudent use of UV (e.g.
> mercury/xenon lamp) power supplies.  We are setting up a new microscope
> that is equipped with an Opti-Quip Model 1600 Power Supply powering a
> 200 watt mercury/xenon lamp.  I'm concerned about warnings I've read
> about turning off all other electrical equipment before firing up the
> lamp (because of a strong electromagnetic pulse induced when the lamp
> ignites).  We plan to follow this advice and turn off all the
> electronics in the immediate vicinity of the power supply , but how far
> (literally) do we have to go in shutting down electronics in the room.
> For instance, must we turn off a computer monitor that is  ~8 feet or a
> computer that is ~12 feet away from the Opti-Quip--what is a safe
> distance?  Does it matter whether or not the electronics are on the same
> power circuit as the power supply?  Does the EMP originate from the
> power supply or the lamp?  What other precautions should we be taking?
> (or am I being paranoid?).  Thanks in advance for whatever advice anyone
> can provide.
> Paul
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