Dennis J. Young djyoung at ucsd.edu
Fri Jul 17 19:13:56 EST 1998

Use of as litte as 0.5% paraformaldehyde will keep the cells for up to
several months.
The background goes up with time, so store for less than 5 to 10 days for
best results.
All done on ice and in the 'fridge, of course.

In article <199807161620.MAA35340 at r02n05.cac.psu.edu>, chk108 at PSU.EDU (CHK)

:>I am trying to find a way to fix a cell that has been bombarded with a
:>GFP/MAP4 construct that is fluorescing for immunolocalization.  The fixer
:>has to sustain the fluorescent signal for approx. 12 hrs or more. If you
:>know any, please let me know.
:>C. K.

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