GFP CD-ROM: Call for Contributions

Beat Ludin ludin at FMI.CH
Thu Jul 23 11:17:43 EST 1998

Dear friends

In collaboration with Trends in Cell Biology, Andrew Matus and I are 
putting together a CD-ROM dedicated to applications of GFP in the 
visualization of dynamic biological processes. The CD-ROM will feature 
examples from all areas of biological research and will be distributed as 
a freebie. This is an opportunity for you to show your movies and 
time-lapse sequences to a broad audience. 

So if you would like to have your data considered for inclusion, please 
send a message with a brief description of the materials you are able to 
provide to gfp at fmi.ch as soon as possible. (You are also welcome to send 
your completed contribution immediately for consideration - see below for 
instructions - however, we can not guarantee its inclusion on the CD-ROM 
at this point.)

In any case, please be prepared to submit your contribution before Aug 
31, 1998.
Contributions to the CD-ROM will not count as publications and all data 
will be handled confidentially until the CD-ROM is released at the ASCB 
meeting 1998.

Best regards,

                     Beat Ludin

Instructions for submission of data:

Please provide 1-5 image sequences. Indicate the desired playback rate 
(frames/second), the original length of the recording and whether you 
prefer normal or double display size in case the frame size is smaller 
w190 x 
h240 pixel. Text should be included in the legend (see below) and not in 
the movie itself. The movies will be looped, therefore it may be 
advantageous to include a short fade in/out.

Format: UNCOMPRESSED QuickTime or AVI movie file (preferred), or numbered 
file series (TIFF, BMP, PCX, or PICT, name format e.g. file0034.tif), 
8-bit monochrome or 24-bit color.

Attention Mac users: PCs have a "darker" display gamma, so re-check your 
movies after switching to linear or uncorrected gamma in the 
Monitors(&Sound) control panel.

Size: maximum size w380 x h480 pixels

File Size: 50MB total (uncompressed)

Text: The explanatory text should be comprehensible by a non-specialist,
however, you don't need to introduce the concepts of fluorescence 
microscopy, protein fusions or GFP itself since these topics will be 
covered in the general introduction. There are no strict limitations 
regarding length, but remember that the briefer, simpler and more concise 
the explanations, the more likely that people will actually read it (and 
watch your movies)!
Please provide 
- a brief, self-explaining legend for each sequence
- a background and discussion section, incl. a few (review) references
- a sketchy methods&materials section, also listing the equipment used. 
Don't include vector construction procedures and the like.

You are welcome to provide a link to your home page if you have one.
Upon request send your data (on Mac- or PC-formatted CD-ROM, Iomega ZIP, 
SyQuest SyJet, 1.2GB or 1.3GB MO disk) to 

     Dr. B. Ludin
     Friedrich Miescher Institut
     Maulbeerstr. 66
     4058 Basel

Dr. Beat Ludin, FMI, Maulbeerstr 66, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 697 6697 / FAX +41 61 697 3976

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