Have you ever seen the cytometrical data of HeLa(not transfected with GFP)?

ara ara at plaza1.snu.ac.kr
Tue Mar 3 04:13:47 EST 1998

Hi, there!

I have a question : Do the HeLa cells which are not transfected with GFP
gene (From
now on, I will call these 'control HeLa') have auto-fluorescence? (FL1
If they do, what's the intesity value of them? (I mean 'mean value')

I transfected HeLa with pEGFP-C1 containing GFP gene (35 times more
intensely than WT). and I had the cytometrical data using FACS after 48
When compared with control HeLa, transfected HeLa has not so high
And control HeLa has already somewhat high intensity value.
However after treatment of 70% EtOH, control HeLa as well as transfected
has low intensity value.
Is there anybody who can explain why?

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely yours,

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