GFP and nail polish

Gerald W. Gordon gordon at med.unc.edu
Fri Mar 6 11:53:32 EST 1998

I don't know specifically for GFP but in general sealing of
coverslips you can use valap which is vaseline, lanolin, and
parafin (wax) in proportions to provide the degree of rigidity
required. It is conveniently applied by bending a nichrome wire
into a hairpin shape with say 2mm between the legs. Attach the
free ends of the wire to a source of electricity. A dimmer
on 120V AC works fine but may arouse the sensibilities of the
safety conscious. Dip the hot hairpin in the valap which will
fill with molten valap. Lay the hairpin on the edge of the
cover slip and the valap will harden sealing the coverslip
to the slide. The low tech people just heat a spatula in
a bunsen burner and dip into the bowl of valap and let the
molten valap run off onto the edge of the cover slip.
    I would expect the ingredients to be inert enough not to
affect the GFP fluorescence.
gordon at med.unc.edu

Steffen Dietzel wrote:
> To be able to do 3D data collection on our GFP-labeled cells we need to fix
> the coverslip somehow on the slide. Normally nailpolish is used to do this.
> However all those that we've tried decreased the fluorescence of the GFP. Has
> anybody an idea what to use instead?
> Thanks in advance for any hints
> Steffen Dietzel

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