GFP and nail polish

R. John Lye rjl6n at uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Fri Mar 6 21:15:34 EST 1998

Gerald W. Gordon wrote:
> I don't know specifically for GFP but in general sealing of
> coverslips you can use valap which is vaseline, lanolin, and
> parafin (wax) in proportions to provide the degree of rigidity
> required. 

<high tech application method snipped>

> The low tech people just heat a spatula in
> a bunsen burner and dip into the bowl of valap and let the
> molten valap run off onto the edge of the cover slip.

I've always used a small cotton swab left in a small beaker of
the stuff on a hot plate.

>     I would expect the ingredients to be inert enough not to
> affect the GFP fluorescence.

It doesn't seem to affect the fluorescence at all; I've
used it for live cells and it works fine.
John Lye

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