Fixing GFP: Glutaraldehyde better that Formaldehyde?

Dennis J. Young djyoung at ucsd.edu
Mon Mar 9 18:57:14 EST 1998

 I wouldn't try to use glutaraldehyde as it gives too much autofluorescence.

In article <199803080232.CAA14900 at intwww.zit.med.uni-tuebingen.de>,
wgschech at med.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:

:>Hi all, 
:>Wonder if it's better to fix cells with glutaraldehyde 
:>(crosslinking soluble GFP) that formaldehyde.
:>In the last discussion, many have said that formaldehyde would be 
:>quite suitable, also the clontech manual says that, but someone noted 
:>that soluble GFP (proteins not attached firmly to others?) would 
:>disappear during fixation.
:>Is glutaraldehyde likely to fix that problem or will it 
:>slef-crosslink GFP and abolish the fluorescence?
:>Anyone who has tried this out yet?


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