ara ara at plaza1.snu.ac.kr
Thu Mar 12 21:52:19 EST 1998

I'm sorry. This is not a answer to your question. But I have the problem
which is similar to yours.

In my case, I use adenovirus containing EGFP gene for the infection of
293 cell.
When the FACS was used for green detection, the diagrams of negative and
positive cells have overlapping region even if high MOI was used.
Therefore, I concluded that I cannot achieve the complete separation
between negative and positive cells. (I wonder how they could get the
nice data of FACS in published papers -_-;) Moreover infected cells had
heterogeneous population. Unfortunately I don't know why.

Is it hard to detect small amount of GFP in FACS? so could not I see
complete separation between negative and positive cells? (According to
Eugene's answer, we can detect green color of transfected cell with one
GFP gene)

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