eGFP and autofluorescence

Paul Quax PHA.Quax at pg.tno.nl
Tue Mar 17 09:27:18 EST 1998

Hello readers :-},

I'm trying to visualize EGFP in human tissue sections (vessel wall),
but I'm having problems with autofluorescence. We made cryosections
without fixing the tissue. The only thing we did was that we put the
tissue in a 6.8% sucrose solution for 10 minutes prior to mounting it in
TissueTek. When we look at the tissue before this it displayed
fluorescence, but after making the cryosections it was gone. 
After freezing the tissue in N2(l) and making cryosections we had the
same result as with TissueTek.
We experienced the same with paraffin sections.
I've heard that NaBH4 could quench autofluorescence from one person, but
another person told me that this could be the case only if the
autofluorescence was formed after NaBH4 was added. 
So if you recieve a solution concerning my problem I would appreciate
you send me an email.

The best of luck,

Frank Cohen
fnb.cohen at pg.tno.nl

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