Cell culture oxygen consuption

JanCzek janczek at aol.com
Sat Mar 21 00:21:28 EST 1998

Measuring cell culture respiration

We have developed a method of measuring cell culture respiration by measuring
gas exchanges in the head space of the 50 ml chamber.
10 mg of the adipocytes isolated from the epidydemal fat pads of a rat were
incubate at 37 degree C.
Both O2 consumption and CO2 production were measure by sampling gas from the
chamber’s head space and returning it back to the chamber after passing through
very sensitive O2 and CO2 analyzers. Measurements were conducted over 21 hours
and accumulated oxygen consumption from this sample over 21 h was 275
microliters of O2 equivalent to rate of consumption equal to 13.1 ul O2/h per
10 mg. Samples were slightly shaken to provide for equilibrium between gaseous
state and dissolved state of gases.
As in the past similar measurements required dissolved oxygen probes measuring
O2 consumption and CO2 production  by sampling gas from the head space may have
many advantages.
If you are interested in more details of this method and instruments used
please contact:
Jan Czekajewski,Ph.D.
Pradip Ghosh, Ph.D.
E-mail:janczek at aol.com

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