Listmode data conversion: from Elite to Beckon format.

Eugene ronlab at uic.edu
Thu Mar 26 09:12:53 EST 1998


    I am in a desperate need of converting FACS data acquired on Coulter
Elite machine to a format readable by Becton software (CellQuest,
ModFit, etc.). I need to work with the original data, not FC files.
    Does anyone know free or inexpensive software that can perform such
conversion? Alternatively, is there free or inexpensive (!) software
that can work with DOS or Win95 and process Coulter listmode files
(create histograms, do stats, etc.)?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    I will post the same message to several relevant groups.

    Please reply to the news groups or the address below.

Eugene Kandel
U09577 at uic.edu

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