Anti-Fade for GFP

Steffen Dietzel s.dietzel at pop.life.uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 26 14:18:29 EST 1998


I am looking at mammal cell culture cells expressing GFP. To facilitate
observation of cells in the fluorescent microscope, I would like to use an
Anti-Fade reagent that minimizes bleaching. Currently we have Propyl Galate
solved in 90% Glycerol in the lab, however it quenches the GFP-fluorescene in
formaldehyde fixed cells pretty much!

Does anybody know something better than that for fixed cells? Since I am
intersted in fine structure, my gut-feeling is not to try hardening embeding
media, because it might deform 3D structure during the hardening process. 

Also, if somebody would know something for living cells, this also would be
most interesting.

Thanks for all replies


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