Inducible GFP in E.coli

'Mike' Michael J. Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Mar 27 14:16:03 EST 1998


I have used a plasmid that has S65T-GFP cloned into one of the T7
(Studier) vectors.  However it is quite leaky and GFP fluorescence is
easily detected even in the absence of IPTG.


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On 27 Mar 1998, Dr.Narayana R.Isola wrote:

> I am looking for GFP clones in E.coli plasmids with inducible promoters,
> IPTG will be fine for now.  Any have any information please contact me
> Narayana R.Isola Ph.D.,
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
> tel 423 574 5893
> fax 423 576 2115
> e-mail isolan at ornl.gov

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