transmembrane GFP?

Peter Kulmburg kulmburg at AUG.UKL.UNI-FREIBURG.DE
Tue May 5 04:19:51 EST 1998

Dear collegues,

I would like to use EGFP as a selection marker in human cells. However, if
I use normal EGFP, fluorescent cells will not survive easily or will not
produce any additional transgene as they normally do when using neo as a
resistance gene.
	I would thus like to fuse EGFP to a type 1 transmembrane region to
have it fixed to the cell membrane either outside of the cell or inside the
membrane. However, so far, no fusion shows any sign of fluorescence. Does
anyone have additional experience on selection and /or transmembrane fusion.

Please send mail directly to my address (kulmburg at aug.ukl.uni-freiburg.de )
since I am not a a member of your list.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Sincerely		P. Kulmburg
Peter KULMBURG        at home  Tel./Fax:+33 3
at work:    Tel.: +49 761 270/7208 or 7207        Fax: /7217

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