GFP expression in Brassica

Christoph Reichel reichel at SCRIPPS.EDU
Thu May 7 10:23:15 EST 1998

>I am trying without success to express GFP in Brassica.
>Could anybody tell me which GFP variant should I use?
>eva at pgsgent.be

Hi Eva,

it would  be helpful to know which GFP you have tried so far, but I suggest
you try one of the various constructs where the cryptic splice site had
been removed (Haseloff et al. 1997, PNAS 94, 2122-2127). I have also used
constructs that carry additional changes (S65C and S65T) to enhance
brightness and they worked well in tobacco, barley, arabidopsis and maize
(Reichel et al. 1996, PNAS 93, 5888-5893).



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