BFP stability

Eugene ronlab at uic.edu
Sat May 16 14:14:34 EST 1998

    My impression is that the problem of EBFP bleaching can be somewhat
reduced with an appropriate filter setup. We were looking at the same cells
with several different microscopes with their standard DAPI sets (longpass
emitter). Surprisingly, bleaching was remarkably faster in Zeiss (even at
~15% power) then in Leica and Nikon. At least with Leica we had enough time
to take pictures. I assume that special BFP filter set from Chroma (longer
excitation  then DAPI sets, bandpass emitter) could make things  better (I
have no affiliation with that company).


Sharon Barr wrote:

> Has anybody else had problems with instability of BFP (expressed from the
> pEBFP Clontech vector)?  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Sharon

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