Call for Abstracts: SPIE Conference on Assay Technologies for Drug Discovery

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Call for Abstracts
Advanced Assay Technologies for Drug Discovery
A Conference at BiOS '99, the SPIE International Biomedical Optics 
22-29 January 1999, San Jose, California

Screening for new pharmaceutical drugs today comprises a triad: 
 targets, compounds, and assays. Genomics and combinatorial chemistry 
are increasing the range of biological targets and compounds available 
at a rate that threatens to overwhelm the capacity of existing assays. 
 In response, there is an unprecedented burst of activity in the 
creation of new types of assays.  The goals include increased 
throughput, miniaturization to minimize sample consumption, and the 
ability to monitor biological phenomena beyond the traditional areas 
of ligand binding and enzyme activity.  These assay systems are being 
employed in the drug-discovery process from the high-throughput 
primary screening of large libraries through more information-rich 
secondary screening and now even to in-vitro tests of properties such 
as bioavailability, metabolism, and toxicity.  Topics for the 
conference include, but are not limited to, strategies based on:
*	Analysis of fluorescence (intensity, lifetime, polarization, 
*	Chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, and scintillation detection
*	Imaging, including macroscopic and microscopic fields
*	Micro-chips, micro-fluidics, and optical detection
*	Detection of transient signals (e.g., intracellular ion 
concentrations) in high-throughput mode

What is SPIE?  What is BiOS '99?

SPIE is the International Society for Optical Engineering.  BiOS '99 
is the premier technical forum for presenting R&D advances and new 
applications results in biomedical optics and is part of Photonics 
West, the largest lasers, electro-optics, and imaging event in North 
America.  Photonics West comprises international technical symposia, 
continuing education programs, and a diversified technical product 
exhibition that drew 10,600 attendees in 1998.  See SPIE's web site: 

Advanced Assay Technologies for Drug Discovery is one of about 35 
conferences at BiOS '99, including:
Advanced Assay Technologies for Drug Discovery is one of about 35 
conferences at BiOS '99, including:
*	Advances in Fluorescence Sensing Technology
*	Multidimensional Spectroscopy
*	Advances in Nucleic Acid Monitoring, Manipulation and Sequencing 
*	Advanced Techniques in Analytical Cytology
*	Micro- and Nano-Fabricated Structures and Devices for Biomedical and 
Environmental Applications
*	Scanning and Force Microscopies for Biomedical Applications

Submission of Abstracts:

Each abstract should contain the following:
1)  Conference (in this case Advanced Assay Technologies for Drug 
Discovery, BO28, Owicki)
2)  Abstract title
3)  Author listing:  Given name, family name, affiliation, mailing 
address, telephone, fax, and email addresses
4)  Type of presentation preferred, oral or poster.  At this point we 
plan to have oral presentations for sure; there may be posters. 
 Placement is subject to chair's discretion.
5)  Abstract text, about 250 words
6)  Keywords, maximum of five
7)  Brief biography of principal author, about 50 words

Abstracts are solicited from all types of organizations.  Those from 
commercial companies should be research oriented rather than product 
promotions. Abstracts are due 29 June 98.

There are four ways to submit your abstract.
1)  Fill in the form on the SPIE web site 
2)  Email each abstract separately to abstracts at spie.org in ASCII text 
(not encoded).  IMPORTANT:  to insure receipt and proper processing of 
your abstract, the Subject line must include only the following: 
3)  Mail three copies of your abstract to:  BiOS '99, SPIE, 1000 20th. 
St., Bellingham, WA 98225, USA
4)  Fax a copy to SPIE at +1-360-647-1445


SPIE publishes a proceedings volume for which speakers are strongly 
encouraged to submit short papers based on their talks.  The deadline 
for camera-ready manuscripts is 28 December 98.

For More Information:

For further information on the conference and on abstract submission, 
please contact SPIE at +1 360 676 3290 (tel), +1 360 647 1445 (fax), 
or http://www.spie.org/web/meetings/calls/pw99/confs/bo28.html. 
 Alternatively, please contact Jack Owicki (conference chair) at: +1 
408 541 8790 (tel), +1 408 541 8786 (fax) or email 
jowicki at ljlbio.com.

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