EGFP sensitivity augmentation by anti-GFP Abs

David Tucker David.Tucker at PANACEA.molsci.csiro.au
Sun Oct 18 06:48:21 EST 1998

Renee Lapointe wrote:

> 2) I guess this brings me to the second part of my message. CLONTECH, the
> company which sells these vectors, also sells a polyclonal antibody against
> GFP, but it's titer for immunofluorescence is 1/200, rendering the cost of
> its use too high for us to use (we have numerous promoters and conditions
> to test). Does anyone knows of a cheaper source of GFP-specific antibody
> which would detect EGFP even in a denatured form (for westerns for example)?
> Thank you for your help,
> Renee Lapointe

Hi Renee;

Can't help you with the first query, as I haven't tried it, but it would
be interesting non the less.

As for the anti-GFP antibody, I am currently using two. One is the
Clontech polyclonal (for IPs seems OK, quite dirty on blots however, at
least in my hands). The second is a monoclonal and it is from Zymed.

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