neomycin-G418 confusion

Martin Offterdinger a8803349.nospam at unet.univie.ac.at
Wed Oct 28 05:56:08 EST 1998

Hi everyone!
There is some confusion about the antibiotics neomycin and G418 (The
same as geneticin). In the Clontech catalogue you  can read that a
specific EGFPvector can be selected with kanamycin in bacteria and
with neomycin in eukaryotic cells as it carries the kan/neo resistance
gene. I therefore ordered Kanamycin and Neomycin as I want to generate
a stable cell line. Now I realize that Neomycin seems to be
ineffective in eukaryotic cells and that G418 has to be used for
eukaryotic cells.
You can imagine that  I am quite angry about those guys from clontech,
who put wrong informations into their catalogue. 
So my question is which information is correct: Can neomycin be used
in eukaryotic( mammalian ) cells for selection purposes or not??? And
: Why is there so much confusion about neo- resistance and G418
Martin Offterdinger
Internal Med.I,Dept. Oncology
University of Vienna
E-Mail:a8803349.nospam at unet.univie.ac.at
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