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Mon Apr 5 09:41:54 EST 1999


I use Chemicon's Chicken A'GFP (AB16901---$200 for 250ug).  It works great.  I've used it in 
neuronal cell cultures and fibroblast cell cultures.  The 250ug should take you  a long way.  I 
get good results @ about 1:2500 dilution for immunohistochem.  For westerns w/ECL I've 
been able to use it at 1:20,000 and could probably go even more dilute.  If you want my IH 
protocol, just e-mail me.


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Subject:       immunohistochem with commercial GFP Ab
Date:          1 Apr 1999 17:20:37 -0800
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Could anyone recommend a commercially available anti-GFP Ab that they
know works well for immunohistochemisry?


USC School of Medicine

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