overlaying CCD images

Harold Drabkin hdrabkin at mit.edu
Tue Apr 6 15:48:15 EST 1999

> Does anyone know how to overlay 2 images of the same field using Adobe
> Photoshop 4.0? I am Dapi staining and also using a membrane counterstain
> and would like to see the relative location of the nucleoid in the
> cells. Phase microscopy has given me poor results due to the size of the
> cells. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Jarrat Jordan
> University of Georgia Microbiology
> jarrat at arches.uga.edu

Two things:  I think it is much easier to overlay a DIC image than a phase
contrast image; the phase image is often too dark to be able to see the
Secondly, can use "merge as a composite" and not "as an average" in
photoshop?  I find that this method works best (however, I am using
Openlab to do the merge first, and photoshop to clean it up if necessary).

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