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Michael Sherrell grizzly at SLIP.NET
Sun Apr 11 10:09:05 EST 1999

Newly available LC/mass spectrometers:
     Finnigan Navigator,18 months old; factory refurbished and installed with 90-day warranty included, $75,000.
     Micromass Platform II LC/MS, 1994, electrospray & APCI, Micromass-certified, LC included, $70,000
     VG Quattro GC/LC-MS/MS, 1993, 4000 amu, EI/CI, LSIMS, ESI and APCI, working in lab now, price negotiable
     IonSpec MALDI FT-MS hi-res hi-sensitivity 1995 model; "most sensitive on market" (for specs see http://www.ionspec.com/hiresmaldi.html); < $100,000
I also have these peptide and oligo synthesizers and sequencers for sale:
    ABI 394                 $12,500 (Valve blocks rebuilt; warranteed)
    ABI 390Z               $4,000 (50-100uM yields)
    ABI 431                 $12,500 (Rebuilt, warranteed)
    ABI 433                 $19,000 (ABI upgrade)
    PerSeptive 9050+,  $6,000 (As is/was working when decommissioned; add $3,500 for rebuild/warranty)
    ABI 373 stretch      $9,000 (Big dye upgrade; still under warranty)
    ABI 373 stretch      $7,000 (4-filter)
    ABI 377                 $97,500 (XL; 96 lanes; transferrable ABI service contract)
    ABI Procise 492     $59,000 obo (ABI-certified)
    ABI Procise 494     $84,000 (ABI-certified)
    Bruker AM360        $85,000 (Broadband; widebore; install included)
    Varian Gemini 300  $69,000 (Proton/carbon probe; freight, install, 90-day warr. included)
    Bruker AMX-500     $175,000 (4 probes; inverse electronics; 90-day warranty)
Also available:
     HP 5989B LC/MS engine, extended mass range (2000 amu), hex ion guide (HPLC, installation & warranty available): $45,000
     Hitachi 570 scanning electron microscope, Kevex detector, running now, $35,000.
     BD FACSVantage and assorted FACScans
Various other seqencers, synthesizers etc. are available; please inquire or check the website.

Michael Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834

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