gut autofluorescence

Claudio Martin cmartin1 at julian.uwo.ca
Mon Apr 19 08:53:38 EST 1999

We're looking for help to identify the source of fluorescence in the gut
mucosa. We are looking at NADH fluorescence in the gut mucosa in vivo
(intravital microscope). We use a excitation at 340nm and emission band pass
at 460nm. This so called band pass also has a band at 600nm. When we used a
second filter block (excitation 510-560, emission >590), the signal mirrors
what we see with NADH (increases during hypoxia). We don't see this in
skeletal muscle. So, this mystery compound is excitable over a broad range,
emits in the red range, increases with hypoxia, and doesn't seem to be
present in skeletal muscle. Any ideas as to what it may be?

Thanks for ideas,
Claudio Martin
University of Western Ontario

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