GFP localization

Ettensohn Lab ettensohn at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Thu Aug 12 11:55:14 EST 1999


I am working on a GFP fusion protein which localizes to the nucleus in
sea urchin embryos.  I have tried a control experiment in which I
microinject only GFP - and this localizes throughout each cell
(cytoplasm, membrane, nucleus) but concentrates in the nucleus.  Does
GFP alone normally accumulate in the nucleus?  Can I be sure that the
localization I see with my fusion protein is entirely due to the
localization signal of protein and not GFP?  Can anyone give me a
reference in which to find out if this is a common phenomenon?  Finally,

does anyone know of a fluorescent molecule or dye that diffuses evenly
thoroughout a cell and does not get partitioned into the nucleus or
other subcellular structures?

Thank you so much,

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