GFP 3D microscopy

Russ Kerschmann kersch at SLIP.NET
Sun Aug 15 22:29:21 EST 1999

I have access to a brand new type of 3D microscopy system that images
relatively large volumes of tissue (in the cubic millimeter range) at
the micron range of resolution.  The images are highly authentic and
look a lot like SEM, except they are fully digital and can be
manipulated (rotated, cut, etc.) with 3D imaging software.  The system
is based on detection of fluorescence, so it should work with GFP
expressing tissues.

I would like to find some collaborators who could provide GFP material,
and in exchange they would get back some images for publication.  For
example, I suspect that embryologists would find this approach very
valuable in mapping the 3D patterns of gene expression during
development, etc.

If anyone thinks they might be interested, please drop me a line.

Russ Kerschmann, M.D.
kersch at slip.net

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