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Linda Mills linda at playfair.utoronto.ca
Thu Dec 2 11:10:03 EST 1999

I really  cannot agree more. It is truly  offensive to see the junk that
comes in, and frankly the fact that it continues to come in suggests that
there is a general sense that this is an acceptable price to pay?? It's
pretty bad when you want recomend a list to others (especially to women),
but  have to preface it with a warning about the spam content. Linda R.

"Dr. Konstantin Joanidopoulos" wrote:

> Dear discussion leader or who ever might be responsible for this list,
> dear list subscribers,
> plaese moderate this list.
> As we all know most of the messages in this list are annoying and partly
> offensive spam as well as misaddressed "unsubscribe" messages.
> The only way to avoid spamming and keeping this list alive would be
> moderation.
> Best regars,
> Konstantin
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