spam in GFP MAIL LIST <fluorpro@net.bio.net>

Jacques Paysan paysan at Uni-Hohenheim.DE
Thu Dec 2 13:06:08 EST 1999

Dear Newsgroup

As a subscriber of several newsgroups I agree in prefering no unrelated mail
being distributed through the groups.  This also includes all kinds of
"unsubscribe"/"subscribe" trials and other stuff of no interest.

However, I do not agree on the moderation proposal.  If the mail (even when
sexually explicit or whatever stupid credit/job offer is coming in) is not
worth reading, I delete it.  I find it rather acceptable to face the fact
that world is imperfect (and crap is being sent through the internet) than
having somebody waisting two hours of his/her life every day to protect us
from seeing it.  And after reviewing the last couple of pages of fluoropro
messages I must say that it is not all that bad.

If a software could do the job I would support the idea - as long as
questions about sexual dimorphisms in fluorescent deep sea organisms would
get through anyway.  But in general I think we're old enough to be our own


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