annoying spam mail

Huoli Tea huolitea at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 2 20:03:42 EST 1999

I am annoyed by the current spam related emails as
well. Don't you consider those emails, including this
one you are reading and the one as follows, as "spam"
as well, as they are not interesting nor science
based? I usually just delete whatever I am not
interested in (usually over 80% of the emails I have
received are deleted daily.). 
Cheers folks.

>Hi All,
>Occasionally when we receive a spam mail I have been
emailing a short and
>sharp reply to the sender, but sometimes the email
address cannot be
>replied to. However, I have had some success and one
of the email accounts
>concerned has been deleted because they sent spam.
>It would be good if others also tried this with some
of the junk mail.
>Perhaps it will eventually help reduce the problem.
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