red fluorescent protein

HENRYT at cellbio.emory.edu HENRYT at cellbio.emory.edu
Thu Dec 16 13:46:54 EST 1999

Hi Deb,

We have expressed the pDsRFPN1-1 version of RFP using the attached CMV promoter 
in transgenic zebrafish and it has worked fine.  We could see it in cells; a 
little fuzy because it was just RFP alone and was not localized to any sites 
within the cell and due  to the 3D embryo. This is the human codon optimized 
version which was suggested to be used in mammals. The wild type version was 
suggested for use in nonmammals and we are in the process of generating 
transgenic fish expressing RFP fused to our protein of interest.  That's all 
from Atlanta-hope it helps.

Henry G. Tomasiewicz, Ph.D.
Emory University
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