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Felix Bestvater F.Bestvater at DKFZ-Heidelberg.de
Tue Feb 2 08:51:55 EST 1999

Dear Serge,

you can obtain the GFP-sg25 vector from Quantum Biotechnologies Inc.
Check out this site for further information:

They say that the increase in green fluorescence is 50-100x higher 
when  compared with wtGFP. EGFP is about 35fold brighter than wtGFP.


> Does anyone know if DNA coding for the GFP sg25 described by Stauber et
> al. in Biotechniques 24(3), 462 (1998) is available or can be purchased
> somewhere? Is the fluorescence stronger with this mutant compared to
> Clontech's EGFP? 
> Thanks for any help, 
>  Serge

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