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On 4 Feb 1999, Louise Neville wrote:

> Hi all
> I have just found this site and hope someone can help me!  I have grown and
> transfected cos-7 cells on coverslips with EGFP variants.  I now want to
> fix and mount these onto slides to visualise fluorescence.  The clontech
> booklet suggests mounting with PBS and sealing with molten agarose or
> rubber cement, I would rather use a mounting agent as the slides seemed to
> dry out using agarose.  Does anyone know of an appropriate mounting reagent
> which doesn't interfere with GFP fluorescence.  I would really aoppreciate
> any suggestions
> thanks in advance
> Louise Neville

I have used rubber cement, and applied it using a syringe and needle (to
get a fine bead).  This seems to work OK, and the slides keep for over a
week in the fridge (4 degrees C).  My experience with agarose was that it
made a big mess, and also dried out quickly.
Hope this helps...

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