GFP in heart

Eugene Kolossov ek at physiologie.uni-koeln.de
Thu Feb 4 14:16:21 EST 1999

Dear "Clontech" staff and all GFP fans, 

Let us to present for you the two our recent publications devoted
to GFP expression under cardiac specific promoter wich once more 
prove the great possibilities of living fluorescent reporters.
At least for us it has became the only possibility to identify  
cardiac precursor cells during ES cells differentiation  and
investigate their functional characteristics before onset of conractile
See: E.Kolossov et al.: Functional Characteristics of ES Cell-derived
Cardiac Precursor Cells Identified by Tissue-specific Expression of the
Green Fluorescen Protein. J.Cell.Biol.(1998),v.143, n7, 2045-2056 .

The second article shows the  transgenic mice created with construct
used in above mentioned one with cardiac specific GFP expression on
embryonic stages. See: M.Fleischmann et al.: Cardiac specific expression 
of the green fluorescent protein during early murine embryonic
FEBS Letters (1998), 440, 370-376. This article with  pictures of our
"green heart" embryos
is also available for free in PDF format by next www.address:  


Please, if you are interesting  in applying of GFP to cardiac
differentiation studies,
send us your remarks regarding of these articles as well as your
experience in this field.

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