Visualisation of FPs by Inverted Microscope

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On 12 Feb 1999 14:03:19 GMT, annenye at students.uiuc.edu (anne carpenter
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>Polyfiltronics has coverglass-bottom 96 well plates, 
>and possibly other size plates as well.  
>Nunc has chambered coverslips available 
>through Fisher Scientific.                   
>In 2 or 3 months, Nunc will come out with a 384 well 
>coverglass bottom plate. 
>Anne Nye
>Univ of Illinois
I am currently facing a similar problem-visualisation of EGFP by
inverted microscopy. Presently I am able to see my cells, but I get
high autofluorescence of the medium. Unlike Beat I think that the auto
fluorescence originates from the phenol-red in the medium. (I know
that from flow cytometry were you get quite some fluorescence in the
green range, when you use cells that had been cultivated in the
presence of phenol red, which can be reduced by omitting pr from the
medium) Just a thought; Ham s F12 from GiBco has lower amounts of pr.
compared to DMEM.....
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