Nuclear localization of EGFP

Dr. Marco Prado mprado at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Wed Feb 17 13:55:49 EST 1999

We are expressing an intracellular  transporter protein tagged with EGFP in
a neuroblastome cell line. Although most cells express the fusion protein
in what appears to be the correct location, we also see  nuclear labeling,
which should not be present at all. Because it is a minority of the
transfected cells that present this wrong localization, I was wondering
whether other people had seen a similar phenomenon. . I was wondering
whether that could happen because of clivage of the fusion protein and
diffusion of EGFP to the nucleus. Transfection of EGFP alone labels the
whole cell, including the nucleus.
Thanks for the help.

Dr. Marco Antonio M. Prado
Laboratório de Neurofarmacologia
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Instituto de Ciências Biológicas
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
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Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
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