GFP and fixatives, stability et al.

Christian Christian
Fri Feb 19 10:30:17 EST 1999

Dear all,
I am sure this has been discussed here before but I am new to this place and 
would appreciate your help. I would like to know how stable GFP fluorescence is 
in respect to standard histological and cytological techniques, specifically 
various fixatives (formalin, ethanol, acetic acid...) and e.g. drying of 
sections on the slide or dehydration through alcohol and xylene, peroxidase 
reactions, AP reactions.... What are the DON'Ts and DOs? Is there a concise 
source of information (maybe an archive of this list)? Please reply to me 
directly as I don't regularly read this list. If I get useful tips, I will post 
a summary to the list. 

Thank you very much,


Brain Research Institute
University of Zurich

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