EGFP Detection?

dtast dtast at HSC.USC.EDU
Mon Feb 22 20:10:02 EST 1999

YES!  I am currently using a developmental transcription factor in a
promoter/repoter construct (EGFP being the reporter), and am both
transiently transfecting (and selecting for stables) in human tumor cell
lines.  The smallest tissue culture format I have used, so far, is 12-well
plates, each well about 1 cm. diameter.  I am detecting using an inverted
fluorescent microscope, and quantitating using FACS analysis, no problem.
My control is the CMV-driven EGFP (very strong), but I am looking at
different constructs in order to characterize my promoter.  Hope this
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On 22 Feb 1999, Perry Kim, Ph.D. wrote:

> Can anyone please tell me if EGFP can be detected in living mammalian
> cells.  In other words can I take a 10 cm dish containing EGFP
> expressing cells and visualize them unsing fluorescent microscopy?
> Thanks in advance.

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