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If your not listed in Yahoo's index of website's, your
missing out on the largest source of traffic on the 
internet today!

Numerous studies show that 42% of all Internet traffic and 
70% of all business to business traffic is generated from 

Getting your site listed on Yahoo is without question 
the single most important thing you can do to promote 
your Web site. It should be your ONLY concern until it 

Nothing else will give you the return on your efforts 
that a good Yahoo! listing will.

We've helped hundreds of clients not only get their site 
into the Yahoo! index, but into a very prominent place 
within that index.

We can do the same for you.

For some of our clients, their Yahoo! listing is the 
only type of Internet advertising they have done. Some 
of these clients now get over 20,000 hits per day and do 
well over $100,000 in sales per month.

Yahoo currently rejects over 90% of the submissions they 
get. The submission process is rather complex and the 
choices you make here will SIGNIFICANTLY impact your 
chances of getting accepted.

If you've already been rejected - don't despair - we've 
gotten many clients into Yahoo's index even after they've 
been rejected.

Every site that gets accepted into this prized directory 
is looked over by a "Yahoo Editor."  The first step is 
getting one of these already over-worked editors to even 
look at your site.

We'll explain the secrets to getting your site looked at.

The next thing you have to do is get into the editor's 
mind to understand what he will be looking for so that 
your website gets listed.  

We've seen hundreds of Yahoo rejection letters and know 
why they reject sites.

We offer an information-packed "Getting Listed On Yahoo 
Report" that will tell you exactly what these editors 
will be looking for when they evaluate your site.  You 
can learn from hundreds of other people's mistakes so 
that you won't make them when submitting or resubmitting 
your site.

Here's what's covered in the report:

<> A general overview of Yahoo and how it works

<> The technical details of what they look for 

<> What SPECIFIC types of content you MUST have

<> What NEVER to do before submitting to Yahoo

<> Why looking at your competitors is so important 
   before submitting

<> The specifics of how to submit properly and 
   increase your chances
   - one of these secrets alone is worth the price 
     of the report!

If you're thinking of submitting your site to Yahoo or 
have already tried and failed - PUT EVERY POSSIBLE 

Let us help you DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of 
success.  Yahoo is worth the extra effort.

They are THE only FREE Internet marketing resource that 
can make your website incredibly profitable overnight.

To learn more click here to visit our website or call 
us at the phone number listed below.

We'd love to answer any questions you might have.


"Getting Listed On Yahoo"                         $249

The Yahoo Project

Call us toll free at:  (800) 834-9005

If you've received this message in error--and are not 
interested in our services--please click reply or call,
(888)-248-2236, and we'll remove you from our list.  

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