New way to visualize specific proteins in living cells using fluorescence

Peter Hug Peter_Hug at nih.gov
Wed Feb 24 14:07:37 EST 1999

>Last year, Roger Tsien has described a new approach to a fluorescent
>vital dye for specific proteins.  It involves tagging the protein with a
>small tag which then serves as a target for a fluorescent pro-ligand:
>     4',5'-bis(1,3, 2- dithioarsolan-2-yl)fluorescein
>Griffin BA, Adams SR & Tsien RY.  (1998).  Specific covalent labeling of
>   recombinant protein molecules inside live cells.  Science 281, 269-272.
>Has anybody had luck with this new approach?

Also, is this dye available commercially?

Peter Hug

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