Problem with promoterless EGFP-1 vectors and background

Shirin Khambata Ford khambata at LELAND.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Feb 25 19:47:29 EST 1999

I am currently working with the promoterless pEGFP-1 vector. If I
transfect this vector into 293 cells (as well as other cells) to check for
background fluorescence, 5 -8% of my cells give  a
fluorescent signal in the GFP range. Untransfected cells or cells
transfected with a non-GFP vector do not give any fluorescent signal. This
possibly indicates that there is some component of the promoterless GFP
vector that is driving GFP expression.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get rid of this problem?
Also, has anybody else experienced this problem?


Shirin Khambata Ford, Ph.D. 
Dept. of Genetics
Stanford University

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