Li Hoi Yeung fathoi at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 3 04:13:35 EST 1999


1. Can anyone get good result in CFP/YFP FRET experiment?
2. I tried to use XF88 CFP\YFP filter set from Omega filters to perform this 
experiment, but i can see the YFP fluoresence using the exciter (440DF21) 
and emitter 2 (535DF26)of XF88 fitler set , Why? Since the cells were 
transfected with EYFP-C1 vector only.
3. Is it YFP can exciter effectively at 440 nm?
4. I am using ECFP-C1 and EYFP-C1 for this experiment, are they the suitable 
5. Or the filter are not suitable for it?

Thank you for any reply

Hoi Yeung, Li
Department of Biochemistry

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