Isolation of GFP

r.ilangovam ilango at M-NET.ARBORNET.ORG
Wed Jun 16 07:23:55 EST 1999

I would like to isolate GFP fragment from the Construct EGFP.We can take
as a fragment of pstI and Xba I digestion.In this construct the xbaI site
is methylated hence it should be transform to dam minus strain and then
cut it with xbaI.
I transformed this construct into GM2198 strain which is dam minus
strain.I isolated this plasmid and kept it for digestion with xbaI.But it
is not digesting with this enzyme.
Please suggest me successful isolation of this fragment.
thanking you,
Sincerely yours,
Research Associate
School of Biotechnology
Madurai Kamaraj University
Madurai 625 021
e-mail:ilango at m-net.arbornet.org

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