Clontech's pX-IRES-EGFP

"Andrey D. Mikhailov", by way of Mail Administrator, by way of Mail Administrator doctor at DEEP-THOUGHT.DEMOS.SU
Tue Jun 22 02:08:17 EST 1999


"Dr. Robert Gay" <r.gay at unsw.edu.au> wrote:

> Has anyone successfully got reasonable expression levels of EGFP from the
> attenuated IRES vector p-IRES-EGFP (or EYFP for that matter) ?

Well, it depends of your definition of "reasonable".
In my hands the expression of EYFP is about 200 times less that the first
protein, but it still
detectable in live 10T1/2 cells in PBS with omega X104 filter set.

So, I'm hardly wayting for new less attenuated pIRES construct.


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