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> Has anyone ever heard of a cell line which stabley expresses a GFP fusion
> protein, silencing the fluorescence of the GFP?? I have recently made a
> stable cell line with the EGFP vector under the CMV promoter and it was
> working really well, now after approximately 2 months in culture all the 36
> lines of the fusion protein cell expressing cell line no longer fluoresce.
> As you can imagine this is quite a lot of wasted time  and it would be
> interesting to know if anyopne else has had the same problem, or knows if
> this promoter is a bit unreliable?
> Thanks
> Kate
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I have been able to develop quite a number of stable EGFP fusion protien
expressing cell lines. I was able to maintain expression.. However, once
in a while I sort the cells to increase the average level of expression.
Maybe that could help you. The cell lnes I used were RBL-2H3 and Mc-3T3-E1

Martin Houle M.Sc.
Centre de Recherche du CHUL
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Martin Houle M.Sc.
Centre de Recherche du CHUL
Laval University, Quebec, Canada
email: martin.houle@(REMOVE)crchul.ulaval.ca

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