Illumatool TLS and DsRed it's tested

John S. Fox ltr at LIGHTOOLS.COM
Thu Nov 4 11:06:38 EST 1999

The Illumatool Tunable Lighting System, LT-9500, has been tested with
the new DsRed Red Fluorescent Protein by using the flexibility of the
Illumatool TLS the DsRed RFP signal was optimized. It can be seen with
other GFP or by it self. 

The Illumatool TLS is a unique system, which provides a safe alternative
to ultra-violet radiation while reducing damage to biological samples.
The Illumatool TLS can be tuned to a particular visible wavelength
(between 390 nm - 750 nm) and has enjoyed success with a number of DNA
dyes and GFP variants. With respect to GFP it has been tested with
bacterial cultures, living nude mice,
living plants, inside plastic tubes and 96 well plates. Due to the
flexibility of Illumatool TLS the list of applications will continue to
grow. Additional information and tech notes can be found at the
Lightools Research Web site www.lightools.com. 

We are looking for samples to test, GFP expressing plants are one area
we need samples. We would like to post the images to Lightools WEB page. 

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