fluorescence of GFP in tolerance in its aa deletion?

Wolfgang Schechinger Wolfgang.Schechinger at med.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Nov 17 12:22:18 EST 1999

to my knowledge, only some (i.e. less than 10) AAs at the c 
term may be deleted, if you don't want to abolish fluorescence. 
I don't remember the reference though.

You might be lucky at clontech's website (www.clontech.com) they have 
a comprehensive manual on gfp for download.

Another good source is a special issue of Trends in Cell Biology 
1996, 7 or 8 on GFP

In general, a medline search for the basic papers by Tsien might be 


> From:          zheng at brookes.ac.uk (H_Zheng)
> Subject:       fluorescence of GFP in tolerance in its aa deletion?
> Date:          17 Nov 1999 05:51:01 -0800
> Organization:  BMS
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> Dear friends,
> I am apppreciated if any one can point me any references, the newest
> data on the fluorescence of GFP in tolerance of its aa deletion at
> both N- C- termini on the optimal condition.
> Thank you
> Hugo Zheng
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