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HENRYT at cellbio.emory.edu HENRYT at cellbio.emory.edu
Wed Nov 24 09:03:30 EST 1999

Hi ,

We've had a similar problem.  At first we thought there was a contaminating plasmid in the original stock sent 
out.  However, it may be some form of plasmid instability:  In our original transformation into E. coli STRAIN 
DH5alpha we got colonies, most of which turned pink/salmon color after a day or so at 37oC grown on LB plates 
with Carbenicillin (50 ug/ml).  I picked a few colonies before they turned pink and streaked them on  grid; these 
were all pink.  After I did a plasmid prep on a culture grown from a single colony  of the original 
transformation and the plasmid was not the DsRed plasmid, as determined by restriction analysis.  I did the same 
digests with the plasmid prep we purchased and saw very light bands when analyzed on agarose gels that appear to 
comigrate with bands I saw in my plasmid isolate.  I took this to mean that there was another plasmid in the 
original stock and I determined it was best to reisolate a single colony from the original transformation.  So, I 
took and restreaked four of the colonies that I had streaked on a grid.  When these grew up I had a mixture of 
colonies:some pink, some white.  Then, I took several single well isolated pink colonies and restreaked them on 
plates and found that I got a mixture of white and pink colonies.  I'm in the process of doing plasmid preps on 
the white and pink colonies to see if they have different size plasmids.  I have informed Clontech of the problem 
and it has headed back to their QC department.  I also would like to know if anybody has had similar problems 
with this plasmid.

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