What to do about the spam? (was: Fluorpro on Clontech.com)

Beat Ludin bludin at LIS.CH
Wed Nov 24 15:55:49 EST 1999

There's an alternative way. Make it mandatory to have the subject 
line contain a certain identifier, e.g. GFP: or FLUOROPRO:, and set 
the list server to delete all other messages. Works very well for 
some other lists. It would also save us from most the the annoying 
misaddressed unsubscription messages.

Paul, or whoever is in charge currently, could that be arranged?


>indeed, the removal of spam mail from the mail box is getting more
>and more annoying. for me it is reason enough to consider leaving the
>discussion group. if it takes too much time to revise the mails, is
>there may be a possibility to check them automatically on certain
>  > Dear Paul,
>  >
>  > Not only does spam mail appear in the newsgroup, but emails 
>adresses are ripped form the answers/replies in the newsgroup and 
>spam mail are sent directly to your own mailbox.
>  > I find this very annoying.
>  > I'm not a computer specialist but it must be possible to solve the problem.
>  >
>  > How does other GFPers feel about this?
>  >
>  > Gregers
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