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Katryn Sunn wrote:
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Dear All

Has anyone done a lot of colocalisation studies using GFP tagged
transfected constructs and a red-tagged antibody? If so has anyone ever had
the problem of the GFP green signal losing its fluorescence after
permeabilisation? Does anyone know any handy hints to get around this at

Thanks for your help


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Hi Katryn
It proabely depends on your procedure. Whitch procedure are you using?
I have immunostained the transferrin receptor with texas-red in GFP-fusion
expressing primary muscle cells, with out any problems with the EGFP
fluorescence. I use fist 2% paraformaldehyde to fix followed with saponin
for permeabilisation and finally the antibodies with saponin. I mount in
vectashield. I have not seen any decrease in EGFP fluorescence on specimen
even after 1½ year in the fridge. 
		Med venlig hilsen 	Hans

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